Jokes 2


1. I don’t know:

Teacher to student: ” What are the three words that student commonly says to a teacher?”

Student “I don’t know”.

Teacher: ” yes, that’s it, exactly” .

2. Population explosion in India:

A Teacher was lecturing on population “In India after every 10 sec a woman gives birth to a kid”.

A student stood up and said ” We must find & stop her!”.

3. The demise of a Chinese friend:

A non-Mandarin speaking friend visits his Chinese friend in hospital.

The sick friend says “CHIN YU YAN” and passes away.

The non-Mandarin friend goes to China to find the meaning of his friends last words.

It turns out to be “You are standing on the OXYGEN TUBE!”.

4 .Writing slowly:

A woman was writing something very slowly.

Her colleague asked” Why are you writing so slowly?

The woman replied “I’m writing to my 6 years old son, he can’t read very fast.”

5.A wish of death:

A man’s wish of death “when I die,I wanna die like my grandpa who died peacefully in his sleep, and not screaming like all the passengers in the car when he was driving”.

6. A beautiful revenge

A husband while dying said to his wife ” After my death, you shall marry Waqas”/

Wife “But Waqas is your enemy?”

Husband “Yes I want to take revenge from him and there is no stronger revenge than marrying someone”.


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