The odd relationship between the butterflies & fireflies


The wind builds romance with all it’s freshness and scents
the water and the flowers hold the secrets and fantasies
that the fireflies confide in them as a trust for the butterflies
as the day arises, the butterflies drift from one flower to the other
to hear the songs, poems and dreams whispered by the fireflies
leaving their kisses and caresses for their lovers
and when the fireflies find the reciprocation of their emotions
they glow and shine in the darkness of nights
as if they carry the essence of afar stars shining bright
despite being not able to meet, they both love and long for each other
The odd relationship between the butterflies and the fireflies
despite being not together, they value and celebrate their love

The flapping wings of the butterflies open to embrace the air
where their lovers; fireflies floated in the darkness of the night
for once love enters someone’s world, it imparts a characteristic mark
afterall love is above of all the seven senses
that’s why fireflies follow where butterflies flutter
the distances, differences, hurdles and hindrances do not matter
when the love and all the feelings are real and true
dear butterfly;the morning dew are the traces of your beloved looking for you
they are pearls from the seas above the skies the fireflies bring for you
and that’s how this odd relationship between the butterflies and the fireflies continue
just finding and building love in the moments of past and future

Written by Muhammad Wasif Haq (2017)
Perth, Australia
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