The weather today


Can’t bear this loneliness
don’t want this coldness
let’s talk about all the happy things
I wanna fly, give me wings
ohh would you tell me it’s alright?
ohh would you do everything to make it right?
I hope it’s all good, it’s all better
the spring has taken over the winter
hoping the weather today is fine
let’s abandon every reason to avoid and hide
with each other we will always abide
traveling on the love road that’s open wide

Tell me things that I yet not know
open your heart and let your feelings show
praying hands in hands we will always go
I’m losing my sight knowing that love is blind
I can’t seem to get you off my mind
there’s always a shelter in your heart that I always find
ohh I hope the weather today is perfectly fine
I feel so happy on having you as a friend of mine
coz we’ve stayed the same
all over the time
I’m wishing the weather today is all fine
tell me what I’m believing is all true, give me some sign.

Written by Muhammad Wasif Haq (2011)
Islamabad, Pakistan
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