Set me free


Verse one:
The music is blaring, the beat flows to my heart
the music gives me a feeling that I can make a new start
the beat flows through every vein in my body
and it tells me that I maybe don’t need anybody
because I can take care of myself
through fighting fire and sheer stealth

I am the only one who can set me free
I’m the one who can make it be
I don’t need to sit on anyone’s knee
cause I am the one, yes it’s only me
who can set me free
only me

Verse two:
My fists are clenched, time to put up a fight
cause I’ve learned what is wrong and what is right
my eyes are wide open, I can fight back these tears
I’ve learned how to do it after all of these years
because I now have the power to be
anyone who I want to be….

Verse three:
A smile on my face, don’t know if it’s real
but I can only go on the pain I still feel
but I’ll fight on through, till the sun starts to shine
till I find my own love, who I can call mine
cause I know you are waiting for me
I’ll find you when I’ve set myself free

Written by Neil Curran (2004)
United Kingdom
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