What’s beyond perfection?


Exertion and exhaustion; I wonder what’s beyond perfection?
blind trust & faith ; tell me what’s beyond absoluteness?
I can’t think of what else is needed; the sky that’s the limit, they say
is there an end to infinity; is there something beyond timelessness?
if it’s all that that you ever imagined; what’s beyond excellence?
‘and they lived happily ever after’; is there something beyond that happiness?
if it can’t be any better; what’s beyond brilliance, flawlessness and superbness?
tell me what’s beyond perfection?
or is this my limited imagination!

Struggle & sweat; what’s next to this achievement?
passion & desire ; is there something beyond what you always dreamt ?
when it couldn’t be any better; is there still a room for improvement?
no further recommendations; I wonder if it needs any betterment?
does it need any more time if it’s really a gold standard?
the success after countless tries; what’s beyond that absolute refinement?
when you can’t be happier than this; is there something beyond this excitement, delightment and amusement?
tell me what’s beyond contentment?
such is my intellectual confinement

Written by Muhammad Wasif Haq (2017)
Perth, Australia
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