Rain & Stars


It’s been ages we didn’t count the galaxies and the stars
it’s been a long time since we listened to each other’s heart
it’s been a long while, indeed a very long time
we held each others hands as we walk the long miles
no matter what we want to do and aim to achieve
we still need to find time
hold each others hands and cherish our smiles
smell the scent of the rain and gaze at the stars that shine
be inspired and let our imagination fly and flow
explore the stories, poems and folklores
waiting to be conveyed through the rain and the stars.

They say that time and tide wait for none
if we stand still and let them pass
we may never be held with those strings anymore
we need to stop and break away from our list of daily chores
revive n revisit our feelings and emotions
smell the scent of the love’s ocean
be observant and let our inquisitiveness touch infinity
explore the secrets, dreams and whispers
waiting to reach us through the rain and the stars.

Written by Muhammad Wasif Haq (2015)
Perth, Australia
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