Commonly uncommon


There can be so many things and reasons
that can make people unhappy and sad
so many differences that can become a reason for distances
plenty of acts and preferences which can
lead to the building of the walls
but the things that make people happy and smile
are more or less universally the same
the reasons which make people come closer to each other
are so common but we rarely find them
wonder why reaching and connecting to each other
is becoming commonly uncommon?
wonder why giving love, care and acceptance to each other
is becoming commonly uncommon?

A little effort, a bit of extra time
can make someone’s day, can make someone feel special
communication will always flourish if we stand on same level
but why are we breaking away and away
from members of our own species
everyone needs love, care and attention
then why are we growing seeds of depression
by making the decisions that will lead us to isolation
wonder why standing in other shoes and seeing the world through their eyes
is becoming so commonly uncommon?
why forgiving, giving a second chance and giving it a try
is becoming commonly uncommon?

Written by Muhammad Wasif Haq (2013)
Gold Coast, Australia
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