Of the life’s biggest jungle


Like the winds that passed by my window
standing there looking at the shadow
I found something in that deep green meadow
some beauty some chirpy birds
of whom I could not have a glance
tried to look having thought of another chance
but something golden and some yellow
I could see and feel the enchanting mellow

I forwarded toward the untoward
without having any of your word
I accepted it and took it
for I felt it needed me the most
shivering blue hands and the nights so cold
I dare not take it but you told
of its power and that it’ll make me so bold
bold enough to have a hold
on the life’s so bitter truths ever told

till that day to this I have it
for you asked me to keep it
until you come and sell it
to the ones who’d readily take it

I wonder I have been so honest
I wonder I have been so true
I wonder I have been so protective
I wonder I have been so defensive
I wonder if I ever had been wise enough

to know what you were up to
to know what was the game planned ahead of me
to know what your real intentions were
to know what your intricate plan would do to me

alas I killed my own self
leaving you in the hands of whom
you’d play your life and wish to bloom
I forgive you for I am the loser
and this might be the last thing to win the lost and make some room
in the world of whom
you cherish your life by the happiness willingly bestowed by me to YOU.

Written by Dr. Madiha Nawaz (2003)
Islamabad, Pakistan
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