And when the petals fade away, I know we were never one


Today as I walk in the garden
tears flowing in my heart and a smile on my lips
I’m thinking about you while looking at the sky above
we were never one and were never meant to be one
it was me and my foolish heart which always looked
for someway that can bring two of us together
I always made my imaginations about you
and in those imaginations , I fell so deep
loving you and thinking about you
now as you plan to move away , I feel like heart broken
I should have realized that there was never ever love between us

Now autumn will come
all the freshness of the spring will fade away
all the green leaves will turn brown
they will fall down and break down
helplessly from the trees like I ‘m breaking
And when the petals will fade away, I know we were never one
so I’m letting you go without telling you that I needed you
I have a hope in my heart that at some instant of your life
you may think of me in the rain and look back at me

I believe the lines in my palm never lead me to you
you were for someone else
how much I tried to love you and make you mine
nothing brought you towards me
now you are leaving far away
I’ll have to live a life without you and without your love
but like before I used to live in my imaginations
I had built love between me and you in imagination
I’ll still live crying every time
when I’ll see you and will think of you

Everything seems to go far away
I feel like standing alone and I know you’ll go without noticing me
since you never felt the way I felt about you
if for a single second you had loved me
I would have paused that moment and spent my whole life time in that moment
it would be sufficient for me to feel happy
I know that in my heart that I have lost
I’ll surely miss you
I am letting my thoughts die inside of my heart
I don’t want to give them life
And when the petals fade away, I know we were never one.

Written by Muhammad Wasif Haq (2003)
Islamabad, Pakistan
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