No one can see the wind
but the wind does blow
no one can see love , hate , the pain
but they all exist
similarly there lives someone too close in your heart
but you never thought that way
till the person plans to go away
till the person decides to leave
making you realize that you are going to be alone, so lonely
making you feel the strong but invisible bond of love
you have always been bound in

No one can see the scent of a rose
but every rose has a fragrance
no one can see thoughts, emotions, the feelings
but they all exist
for sure there lives someone secretly in your heart
you never tried to find
till the person finally goes too far away
till the person moves away
making you realize that you have secretly developed so much
making you realize that you have
fallen so much deeply in love

Written by Muhammad Wasif Haq (2011)
Islamabad, Pakistan
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