Lonely tree


Verse one:

I cannot talk to you, so I can only write it down
it’s the only way I can communicate without feeling like a clown
I know it makes no sense, but I can’t give up my foolish pride
though I’ve nothing to be proud of, I still try my best to hide
a stiff upper lip, although there’s no English blood in me
instead of being in a forest, I choose to be a lonely tree


But then that’s just me
a lonely tree
in the forest of life
that’s just me
and I just can’t change it
it suits me to a T
I’m just a lonely tree

Verse 2:

People think they know me, but they only see a façade
the façade that hides the pain and tears and lonely years I’ve had
I can only seem to trust myself, no-one else can make the grade
but if only I trusted a few other souls, my pain might start to fade
and after all this dreaming, I don’t know where I want to be
the only thing I know is, I don’t want to be this lonely tree


And as the spring comes, after all the things I’ve done, I want the seeds to be sewn, after all the pain I’ve known, I want some neighbours nearby, I don’t want to cry, I don’t want to be a lonely tree, I want to be me…..

Written by “Neil Curran” (2004)
United Kingdom
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